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Professional Staff

Our philosophy of health moves us away from the bio-mechanical practices of the past into the energy information systems of now. Technological trends tell us that human knowledge is growing exponentially and that this pace is accelerating, especially in the field of health and lifestyle.


We promote the mind-body-spirit connection, and have introduced and treated many people to a new level of healing, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Lucia Alonso Holistic Therapist


Residence in Cancun since 1975, studied under Dr. Romero, Dr. Perez-Padron, Dr. Goiz, Dr. Pantoja. Schools of alternative medicine certified therapist. Lucia has experience in the field of alternative medicine since 1987 and has been educated by the best in their fields. The latest certification was received from Dr. Espinosa on German New Medicine in Mexico City. Lucia Alonso believes in education for a lifetime.

Peter Knopfler Coach & Personal Trainer


Peter was born in Vienna, Austria, educated in Canada and Hawaii, with degrees in Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology. Mr. Knopfler worked in public health for the State of Hawaii specializing in mental health and juvenile corrections. 47 years of Gym health experience and training the general public in various sports activities. Also a Health journalist for several English newspapers in Mexico.

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