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We are constantly trying to feel well and look our best.


Live Cell Therapy is a preventative treatment to regenerate and rejuvenate our body.


After we turn 35 years old, our repairing rate starts to slow down and the deterioration of our system becomes more obvious, not only in our outer appearance, but also in our inner functions.


It is possible to look and feel 10 years younger than the real chronological age, and keep this same look during the rest of one's life, keeping a great deal of the vitality as well as youthfulness.


The revitalization with unborn bovine cells is a therapy that was initially discovered by Dr. Paul Niehans, over 50 years ago, and over two million people have undergone this type of treatment.


Undifferentiated embryo cells of selected mammals may be used to enhance our repair rate and delay aging signs, because we are 98% similar at our DNA to them.


Our treatment is done via colon. One session is enough to deliver trillions of cells at one time without any risks of immune reaction.



Live Cell Therapy

What exactly is Live Cell Therapy?


Live Cell Therapy is the introduction to the human body of hundreds of millions of cells and trillions of very small cell corpuscles (ribosome, lissome, membranes, Golgi apparatus, etc.). Inside of our body, approximately every second, 50 million cells die, and are replaced by as many others. However when we are sick or we age prematurely, the quality and quantity of such substitution is decreased. The new cells that take over are imperfect. It's like making photocopies, if the original is damaged, all the rest of the copies will come out damaged as well.


When one of the organs (liver, heart, spinal cord, etc.) is damaged by the action of toxins, infections, nicotine, alcohol or drugs, the cells do not mold themselves with the same original perfection. The cells that come from the unborn fetuses are still intact. Thanks to the Live Cell Therapy the organ or damaged tissues receive a new original cellular blueprint from which they can rebuild such organ or tissue.


The liver, for instance, regenerates every 100 days, changing all of its cells. If the liver is damaged the new cells will develop the same imperfection. When the body receives liver cells with Live Cell Therapy, every one of them is absorbed by a phagocyte (anti-body), which has the capability to digest unknown particles. The phagocytes break up the protein of these cells dissolving them with their enzymes and transporting the resulting substances to the corresponding organ to be reused. These resulting substances are essential for the reconstruction of new cells in every specific organ. This was discovered by marking the cells with isotopes. The isotopes were injected into the pregnant females; these isotopes were passed into the fetuses without damage. This way it was possible to follow the path of the marked amino acids. It was discovered that the substances that come from a specific organ ends, effectively, in the organ that corresponds.


From the point of view that results from the most recent research in the field of genetics, the mechanism for action within a cell stipulates that if a sick cell, which contains the pathological genetic message and manifests such sickness in the organism, when it is given the information of a healthy cell, which contains a genetic message of wellness and normal functions, this last one changes the disease of the first one bringing it into the path of normal behavior and health.

The first thing that is accomplished is a revitalization effect or general regeneration that comes from the cells of the placenta and the testicles; the second is a specific tissue or organ regeneration with cells that come from the original organ.


Why are cells from a Bovine used?

The biochemical structures of mammal animals are all similar, including the human body. The reason to use a fetus or unborn animal is because its cells are totally sterile, its immune system has not started to function yet, its antigen qualities are minimal and there are a lot less probabilities of rejection.

Live Cell Therapy helps with sexual and menstrual problems, obesity when caused by glandular problems, impotence, premature aging, degenerative disease of the vascular system, chronic rheumatism, arthrosis, degenerative heart disease, liver, lung and stomach diseases, also chronic dysfunction of the digestive system. This therapy has also been given to Down Syndrome patients with very good results.


Noticeable changes

The changes can be noted just a few days later, depending on each person, however the most notable changes can be appreciated between the 4th and the 8th week. The regeneration of the cells continues during 4 months after having done the treatment.

The response from the organism has an infinite number of variants. Even the elderly, depending on the internal process of betterment, show signs of external improvement:

  • New vitality and smoothness in the skin.

  • Relaxed movements and flexibility of the joints.

  • Brightness and Color in hair.

  • Eyes with livelier and cleaner look.

  • Happiness for life.

  • Emotional balance improved.

  • Vitality and sensation of plenitude that didn't exist before the treatment.

  • More courage and decision making for confronting every day life situations.

  • Better communication and social attitude.


In the event of a total healing result, this healing should be considered PERMANENT. When the procedure is applied to prevent aging problems it may be convenient to repeat the treatment according to each patient and the doctor's advice.


What happens when the Live Cell Therapy is applied?

There is dramatic stimulation on enzyme activity, the immune system is boosted making it stronger to fight infection, to overcome stress and tiredness.

At the same time it helps the synthesis of protein, indispensable for a healthy life and it revitalizes the replacing and regeneration mechanisms of the parts of the body that have aged or are deteriorated. It favors the widening of the blood vessels and allows a better flow of oxygen where it is needed, improving the cellular respiratory process.

It stimulates the brain cells and this helps improve memory, perception, caption and attitude; going from insomnia, drowsiness and lack of memory to total brain activity.

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