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Start with a complete diagnose!

In order to begin a balancing therapeutic process, a full diagnose is an important part of a good process.

You can start with the Magnetic Resonance Analisys to have a full picture of your system as it is right now...

Then, a kinesiology muscle test to balance the pH and set all systems in balance is the recomended step.

Last, a Biofeedback session will not only give more information but also will be part of the therapeutic process!

Diagnose with Quantum Analysis


The Quantum Analysis was created through years of research into the fields of bioenergetics, and utilizes similar scientific theories and technological knowledge as devices like the ultrasound, MRI, Cat SCAN, EEG, EKG, EMG, GSR, TVEP all of which measure the body electric in order to provide information to the client about the state of their health, however it is gentler and less invasive to the body.


This technology gives 29 reports on every system of the body, and at the end a brief summary of what measures can be taken to improve the aspects that are out of balance.


learn to increase your vital energy

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