Psycho-Physical Therapy

Finding and removing emotional memories from tissue cells


Every time we have an experience we save a "copy" of the event in our cellular memory banks...


This therapy help releasing blocks of energy that feel like pain in certain areas of our body.


The CLEARING of MEMORIES has the purpose of freeing our Being from the obstacles that keep us from manifesting as we really are in all aspcts, physically, mentally and spiritually.


The body's muscles as well as the organs are many times inflamed, tense, stiff or contracted. This in part is due to involuntary and unconscious information that is being delivered to the entire system from emotional memories. The Mayans called this "sustos" (fears) and the hindus call it "samskaras" or mental residue.


These memories don't only block the body, but keep on perpetuating belief systems, mental programs, emotional patterns and spiritual anchors with many energies that confuse us. 


These energies that bother us and that "get stuck", are showing us an aspect of our innerselves, a shadow that needs to be acknowledged, lighted, healed, reintegrated so no other external shadow can get stuck again.


The session starts with a brief interview about the issues one wants to work with, relationships, family traumas, medical history, etc. all these to allow for a better and more integrated session.

On the massage table, the process starts with searching on the dressed body(\(\( with comfortable clothes) where the areas that reflect the negative memories or "sanskaras", blockages, implants and stuck energies. Usually all these points are interconnected. 


In order for the energy and the information are on an improved flowing and the healing lasts for good, some of the structures in the body must be realigned. Like the hips, the spine, rib cage, knees, or any other according to each individual.

After that, the organs have to be realigned also: clearing the chest, lifting the pelvic floor, releasing bloating from the abdomen at the same time finding what is the energy or the emotion that was locked in.

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