Holistic Massage & Aromatherapy

Massage is an ancient formula that has always proven succesful. This Touch-therapy is expressed in many forms, such as acupressure, reflexology, deep tissue massage, etc. and all these also help the release of bottled up emotions.


When receiving a massage the surrounding ambiance is important to soothe all senses. The soft colors are for transformation and relaxation. Aromatherapy may be used as part of the relaxation or activation program. A lit candle or two  can cleanse the area from all low frequency wave energies.

Therapeutic Massage


Therapeutic Massage is a very important treatment to balance the body's energies and to help release the waste products from the muscles and the lymphatic system.


Sometimes a good therapeutic massage might involve pain.

The pain should never cause bruises, and the pain should always be tolerable; when experiencing pain under the pressure of the treatment, it is usually a liberating sensation that feels good, like releasing lots of tension and the pain dissipates slowly with a few deep breaths.

Relaxing Massage


There are very many types of massage, so when you think you would like to take one, be sure to know what is the purpose of this treatment for you, ask yourself what are you expecting from it and let your therapist know about it.


Many times we have hidden preconceived ideas about touch therapy that can be totally opposite to what we need at a particular time.


Massage is rejuvenating!
If possible, once a week session is one of the best luxuries we can give ourselves...



The sense of smell is one of the first to develop in the evolutionary steps.

We are very sensitive to aromas, they connect to our brain and give us different reactions.


We use the finest essential oils for our arometherapies to relax, to soothe, to activate, etc. 



learn to increase your vital energy

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