Energy Balance

In our personal experience, these are the only two things that happen to all of us:


I believe that almost no one is ready for any of these transcendental events.

When one is aware that death is coming, whether by illness or chronic disease, many thoughts and emotions affect the state of being and in general no one is ready to "let go of the physical body".

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A great resistance is created on various levels…

  1. The physical body fights trying to survive at all costs. 

  2. The mind linked to the physical brain re-lives all lifetime information.

  3. Emotions of struggle arise as one tries to cling to life and also feelings of fear to let go because of the unknown...

  4. A great energy chaos on all the body's magnetic field because of these thoughts and feelings. 


Due to all these, in many cases, a person facing death seems to stall for y few days or even weeks before he or she is able to let go.

There are some energy techniques that may help a person in this circumstances to be able to let go and transcend without so much struggle.

One of these is called ENERGY BALANCE, and this comes from the UNIVERSAL AND HUMAN ENERGY technique, that its function is to release any normal person from all types of energetic disarray that may be causing a variety of symptoms, that may go from physical disease to metal stress and emotional imbalance.


The ENERGY BALANCE technique requires 2 sessions on consecutive days, each session is a few minutes long.

In these sessions the vibratory frequency of the magnetic fields is raised, harmony is created as well as coherence among all energy centers and due to this, the person treated is encapsulated in a bubble type of energy that protects him or her from being affected by other low frequency people, circumstances of fear, ill feelings, etc.

When this technique is performed on a dying person, death may be accomplished in a more fluid way, free of resistance and with this, a liberation on many levels may allow a passing full of peace. 

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