Chakra Harmonizing

Included in the therapy session is one "harmonizing rock" and a special oil to keep one's energy flow protected from other people's vibes and also as a protection bubble for electro magnetic pollution (wi-fi, cellphones, computers, radio waves, micro waves, etc.)


Once the harmonizing is finished, the energy flow in our body is noticeable better, and many things can start changing... all the way from a physical sensation of wellbeing, to changes in mood, opportunities that open in many other areas of life.

Chakras are energy flowing vortexes in our body. Stress, suffering, accidents, artificial magnetic fields and dramatic lifestyles may block their flow or set them off alignment .


Our technique to align, activate and manage the energy flow in the chakras comes from a special source.


Quartz semiprecious stones, copper coils and precious metals all blended in special "harmonizing rocks" that are used to activate and balance not only the 7 main chakras, but also the 13 other minor energy vortexes that are located in each one of our main joints.


The harmonizing session lasts about 30 minutes. We use copal incense, candles and a special frequency to raise the vibratory rate of all the energy in the body.


learn to increase your vital energy

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